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Supervised Visitations - Frequently Asked Questions

Supervised Visitation is a contact between a non-custodial parent or other authorized person and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third party. The provider’s role is to ensure a child/ren has a safe contact with an absent parent. The provider observes and records all activities and conversations during child-parent visitation in a neutral manner. Supervised visitation can be conducted in a park, playground, shopping mall, restaurant etc.

Supervised Visitation is NOT:

  • Baby Sitting/being a Nanny
  • Custody or Psychological Evaluation
  • Any kind of Therapy or Treatment
  • Punishment
  • Replacement of Legal Counsel
  • Payback for Child Support
  • Mediation Alternative
  • Marriage or Spiritual Counseling

Custody Exchange is a supervised and safe transfer of a child/children from a Custodial Parent to a Non-Custodial Parent. There is no contact between the parents before or after the transfer.

We offer video (online) visitations via Skype, Zoom, Viber or FaceTime. During these visits a child(ren) stay with the Provider at any approved public location. Before your visit, make sure you have a program/an app on your phone or computer as well as high speed internet access.

*Any suspected incidence of abuse or neglect is anonymously reported as required by law!

Intake Interview is a face-to-face intake interview should be scheduled with each party prior to visitations. Its purpose is to collect all information needed, to discuss roles and responsibilities during visitations and complete intake forms. It includes initial screening by the Provider.

Visitation Report is a written review about what happened during a visitation. It’s a summary report of parent-child interaction.

Declaration Report is a form completed by the Provider that indicates that qualifications and criteria are met.

Termination Reports is a report that indicates the termination of the Provider’s services.

Court appearances can be done on either parent’s behalf. Please send all Court-related documents 2 weeks before the court date. We do not communicate to any parties during or after the court appearance process.

When parents schedule visits it is IMPORTANT:

  • Consider your child(ren) special needs if any.
  • Consider your child(ren) mental or health issues if any.
  • Consider your child(ren) routine.
  • Age appropriate games and toys for visitations.
  • Consider your child(ren) ability to cooperate.
  • Consider your child(ren) ability to stay outside or do activities for a long period of time.
  • Transportation or/and any costs.