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Court ordered child Supervised Visitations and Custody Exchange Services

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Los Angeles and Orange County

Intake Meetings

A face-to-face intake interview.

Off-Site Visitations

Supervised visitation can be conducted in a park, playground, shopping mall, restaurant etc.

Online Visitations

Skype, FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom Visitations available.

Court Appearance

Testifying in court.

Custody Exchanges

A supervised and safe transfer of a child/children from a Custodial Parent to a Non-Custodial Parent

Visitation Reports

A written review about what happened during a visitation. It’s a summary report of parent-child interaction.

Declaration Reports

A form completed by the Provider that indicates that qualifications and criteria are met.

Termination Reports

A report that indicates the termination of the Provider’s services.

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